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    Hi guys
    It’s with a very heavy heart that I have to announce the following:
    1) The Toh Kay album “The Hand That Thieves” has been canceled for the foreseeable future. More details will come to light in the coming days.
    2) Due to Victory Records refusal to send us copies of our own new album, there will be another delay in our ability to deliver preorders on time. We hoped to find a compromise with them, up until the bitter end; unfortunately, it just wasn’t possible.

    We ask you to once more be patient: we’re working around the clock to find a solution to our gigantic nightmare of a problem. We will be able to fulfill all orders soon, and we maintain that the only way to buy the album without all of the money going to Victory Records (which ironically funds their legal efforts against us) is via the RISC Store.

    Thank you for your support during our dark and trying times. We stood up against the largest, meanest, most despised bully in the schoolyard and now we have to face the consequences. Hopefully you’ll stand with us and we can get through this in one piece.

    There will be much more information available in the next few days. Thanks.


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    It happened. We were given a release date when a hand reached up from the depths of hell with a piece of paper, upon which was scribbled “APRIL 30th” Now upon reading that you must keep a few things in mind:


    Even though the album is now set for release, through Victory Records, if you enjoy the music and the band the best way to support us is to purchase the album from The Risc Store  (www.riscstore.com) or from us directly at shows. Unfortunately, this is the only way we can insure the band actually makes money from our own music. The Risc Store works directly with Streetlight Manifesto to keep costs down and work with you to make sure you’re happy. The Risc Store also has exclusive designs for all Streetlight Manifesto and Toh Kay merchandise.


    A lot of work has gone into creating this record and now a lot more work has gone into releasing it. For those of you who have already pre-ordered the record, thank you for your support and your patience. We are releasing another sample to further assure you that the album you’ve pre-ordered exists. We will be releasing more samples and announcements in the coming days and weeks. Keep your eyes and ears firmly pressed against your computer, phone, or both.


    I wish I could convey how lucky we are to have such loyal and supportive fans in a way that felt genuine – but I can’t so how about this :::nods head – raises glass:::


    - Streetlight Manifesto


    Here is the newest audio sample:



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    Toh Kay (Singer of Streetlight Manifesto) will be joining the Revival Tour this Spring for a week of shows in the Northeast. He will be joining Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Rocky Votolato, and more. For dates and ticket links go to the new Toh Kay site – www.tohkay.com


    For more info or to buy tickets go to www.therevivaltourtix.com


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    Long time, eh?


    So this is the time when we should be shipping out all the pre-orders for “The Hands That Thieve” and “The Hand That Thieves” but as most of you who have been posted next to your mailboxes have figured out – it hasn’t shipped yet.  ”Streetlight, is there a silver lining amongst all this placating?” you ask – and the answer is – YES.

    The album has been mastered and as proof – today we proudly provide you with the first of many samples of the new Streetlight Manifesto record.  Here are two, minute-long clips of two songs that you’ll hear on “The Hands That Thieve”.

    The release date is currently up in the air, though.  When we hear from Victory Records about when they’ll be releasing the album, we will be right there to let you know.   We hope to know the release date within a week or so.

    We understand patience has been worn thin but we stand by this record and the work that has gone into it with such unwavering aplomb that our excitement should match yours when you hear the samples.  But at the same time, we understand that you’ve all been very understanding with us and our delays, and deadlines that have come and gone, that we would like to compensate you accordingly.  With every single pre-order (from the RISC Store) of the new album of any size (from the CD by itself to the Mega Bundle) we will be including a free live EP CD that we recorded on the “Hands That Thieve Tour” last fall.  The free live EP will be an exclusive RISC Store gift and is the only professional live Streetlight Manifesto recording to date.


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    Performer extraordinaire, Dan P (MU330 / The Bricks / The Stitch Up), is hitting the road.  First he is trekking through Florida for five shows in December before he joins the Reel Big Fish / Pilfers tour for all of January.  Make sure you check out the tour section to see when you can catch Dan P live – if you’ve seen him before I’m sure you’re already alerting your friends about this.  Thanks for that.  Enjoy.



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